Finding the Best Hair & Beauty Salon

Wouldn’t it be great if a fantastic salon could fall right into your lap? How many of you are fed up of searching far and wide for a reliable beauty clinic that won’t just see to your needs; but will be able to meet your budget as well?

If this sounds like you, then you’ve definitely landed in the right place! At UK 10 Best we consider it our job to connect you with the very best beauty salons and hair treatment centres out there – and this page is dedicated to those in the City of Birmingham in specific.

What can you expect at UK 10 Best?

At UK10B our experts all hail from backgrounds within the cosmetic, beauty and hair care industries. Some of us still offer our services on an individual basis – but the majority have cast away their combs, scissors and gloves in favour of providing a world-class service to our audience right here.

We’ve worked tirelessly over the years getting to know the hottest beauty centres, clinics and day spas, all so that we can provide information on our findings for you to take advantage of.

Are you in need of a local salon that offers great results at affordable prices? Then take a look at our list – a list that’s updated frequently with the best in the business.

Rather than advertising without the proper effort that a review involves, we prefer to get to grips with each and every salon featured on this website.

Our experts ventured out into Birmingham, took note of the salons available and then booked themselves in for a variety of sessions – but we assure you that as enjoyable as that might sound; it was purely for work (but there’s no denying that the results were great, too).

We then compile our results and list the salons that we reviewed in order of their professionalism, quality and cost.

As new clinics pop up, we make a point of heading back out there onto the busy streets of the city (and even around the corners where lesser-known gems and beauty centres might be located), just to keep our list as fresh and up to date as possible.

How to Pick a Salon

Now the next thing that you might be wondering is how you can book yourself into a session with any one of the salons that we’ve featured right here on our website.

Thankfully, we haven’t just listed their name – we’ve made sure to include their location, their contact details and a few more pieces of data to help you to get started.

There’s no need to say that we sent you their way, but there’s no harm in spreading the benefits of our website to others that might be in the exact same position as you are right now.

With so many salons to choose from, you’ll probably end up feeling spoilt for choice – but don’t ever feel obliged to make a decision and stick with it. That’s the beauty of salons; there are plenty of great ones around and with each offering their own unique take on cosmetic therapies and procedures, you could always consider playing the field a little bit.

We pride ourselves on providing as much information to you as possible. We’ve helped to connect thousands of people to the salon of their dreams – and we’d love to do the same for you right now.

The salons that we feature are every inch as professional as they are reliable and you can take that from us – a team that not only know how to perform a great treatment; but have actually taken the time to experience them ourselves.

So, what are you waiting for? Dive in and take a look for yourself today!

Visiting a Local Dentist is Good for Health

Find the Best DentistThere aren’t many people that get excited about a journey to the dental expert. Whether this has something to do with the intrusive nature of check-ups or if it’s just a tradition that’s been carried on in time nobody can state; but it’s no secret that most grownups (and kids) will prevent needing to reserve a visit if they can. Specialists advise that a dentist be checked out a minimum of as soon as every couple of years, even for a simple examination of your oral health.
If you discover yourself in need of an oral care professional, you might be keen to discover a little more about the distinct services provided by a dental professional. Here’s a look at some of the most common.

General check-ups

From gauging the condition of a particular tooth all the way to watching on a possible cause for concern, general check-ups are advised to be undertaken at least when every number of years. A lot of dentists will have an open door policy, although it is a great idea to employ advance and ensure that they have a slot open up to examine your oral health.


It’s said that a person in 5 individuals will have at least one filling within their mouth– and as fractures and chips can happen for a range of factors, it’s not uncommon for a patient to stroll in and then be told that they made need to have a space treated. This procedure is entirely pain-free, with the only kind of discomfort associating with the intrusiveness of the treatment itself.

Gum cleaning

Although teeth are the main reason to visit a dental clinic, it deserves considering your gums, too. They aren’t just there to firmly house your teeth; they are also responsible for a variety of activities connecting to saliva and oral health. It’s never ever a great idea to try to clean your gums yourself as this can leave them feeling saw and uneasy. Instead, have a trusted household dental practitioner look after the treatment for you. They will clean up debris from the base of your teeth and leave your gums feeling clean and fresh in no time.

Five Things to Look For in a Plastic Surgeon

Cosmetic Surgeon ConsiderationsHiring a plastic surgeon should never be something that you jump in to without proper consideration. These experts are some of the most highly trained medical practitioners in the world, but with such a diverse range offering their services, it’s not always as straight forward as picking one without a little research.

If you’re looking for a great surgeon in Australia, then here are five traits that they simply have to possess to be worth considering.

A Good Bedside Manner

Whether you’re undergoing surgery to improve your looks, correct a feature, or for a medical reason – a good surgeon should make a point of helping you to feel as relaxed and comfortable as possible. If you don’t feel safe and reassured before your procedure, will you feel any better when everything’s over?

A Great Rate

Although surgery is by no means cheap, it’s still much more affordable than it was in the past. With dozens of new surgeons entering the market each year competition can be fierce, but this just makes it easier to enjoy reduced rates. Be sure to obtain a few quotes before deciding.

Years of Experience

Most surgeons will have had to undergo years of training and an extensive education system. This is something that foreign and international practitioners can avoid, so it’s important to find a local surgeon that can cater to your needs, whilst having years of experience under their belt.


Regardless of how urgent your treatment is, if you find yourself having to wait for months to go under the knife, then you may well be wasting your time. A reliable surgeon will make a point of scheduling appointments in to suit their clients – so make sure that your deadlines are appreciated.

A Friendly Demeanour

Possibly one of the most commonly overlooked traits that a surgeon should possess relates to their friendliness. Any type of surgery, no matter how extensive, can be very intimidating to a patient – and the difference that a smiling surgeon can make can dictate your overall experience. Before deciding, get to know a little more about your surgeon and if you don’t feel comfortable, then simply look elsewhere.

The Quickest Way to Find a Good Beauty Salon

Finding an affordable salon that offers the highest quality services, without the associated price tag can be a huge bonus. With so many different salons proposing their own fees, it’s no wonder why people are struggling to find a reliable one that won’t just cater to their needs; but one that will also be able to meet a particular budget.

Some people spend weeks deciding, whilst others prefer to jump in at the deep end and find things out for themselves. If you’re one of these latter types of people, then here’s a quick way to find a good salon, book a treatment and give yourself a better idea of whether, or not you’d like to continue using their services.

Search online for salons in your area

This process can be as quick as searching for ‘beauty salons in xx’, with the xx denoting your location. If you’re using Google, or a similar search engine, then you will appreciate that the most relevant results will be displayed at the top, with lesser services appearing on further pages. Take a note of the contact details provided by a few of the highest ranking websites.

Get in touch with a salon

You might want to call one, two, or three salons at this point – just to get a better idea of their location, services and costs. By contacting a few of them, you’ll be in a much better position to recognise the one that offers the cheapest costs, without reducing their quality in the process. At this point, you might even want to book a treatment at a time that suits you.

Trial the services for yourself

No amount of reviews will be able to tell you exactly what it’s like to undergo a treatment at a specific salon. The best way to get to grips with the potential, is by trialling a service. You don’t have to go all-in, in fact you could get to know a few of the therapists by undergoing a manicure, pedicure, or similarly simple service. If you like the results, then don’t hesitate to come back for more!